Judge Decides on Trump’s Document Case Dismissal

(DailyVantage.com) – The presiding judge in former president Donald Trump’s classified documents case has once again denied a motion from the defense to dismiss several of the 41 charges against the former chief executive related to the case.

However, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon agreed to strike out a paragraph included in the federal superseding indictment against Trump. The motion was filed by Trump, along with his co-defendants Carlos DeOliveira and Walt Nauta, who alleged that a number of entries in the superseding indictment were prejudicial. Cannon agreed with them in some respects, acceding that a lot of the “language in the Superseding Indictment” was “legally unnecessary”. The judge also pointed out that there are inherent risks in allowing prosecutors to include “an extensive narrative account” of the way the prosecution views the facts, particularly in public interest cases such as the one Trump is currently facing.

The paragraph Judge Cannon agreed to remove pertains to an incident where the former president allegedly displayed some of the documents, which showed a classified map of a foreign country where Trump said that the U.S. was conducting a failing military operation, as well as a “PAC Representative,” who was identified in several public reports as Susie Wiles.

This is hardly the first time Cannon has rejected motions from the defense asking that the classified documents case against Trump be dismissed, each citing different reasons. One such rejected motion was when the defense claimed that the Presidential Records Act gave the former chief executive the right to retain documents from the White House and designate them for his personal use.

The multiple motions involved in Trump’s classified case have, at least in a large part, been the cause of the delays in proceedings against the former president. Cannon had initially scheduled the trial to begin last May 20, but later decided to postpone the start of the trial indefinitely due to the “myriad and interconnected pre-trial and CIPA issues” that have to be resolved.

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