Judge Handling Trump’s Fulton Case Previously Donated to Willis

(DailyVantage.com) – According to recent reports, Scott McAfee, the judge overseeing Donald Trump’s Georgia election case, has donated to Fani Willis, the case’s prosecutor. McAfee donated over $100 to Willis before becoming a judge during his time with the Justice Department. Despite the marginal donation, some legal experts believe McAfee’s donation could create a conflict of interest regarding his status as a judge and force his recusal from the case.

McAfee’s undisclosed donation is the latest controversy in the election interference cases against Trump and marks yet another potential conflict of interest in the court presiding over the former president. Before serving as judge, McAfee worked for Willis before she became a prosecutor, raising another potential issue for Trump’s legal team. Willis also has a potential conflict of interest in the case, given her romantic relationship with the primary prosecutor, Nathan Wade, who financially benefited from the case after Willis appointed him prosecutor.

Wade and Willis said their relationship began after Willis brought charges against former President Donald Trump. A witness testified before McAfee and claimed the two attorneys started their romantic relationship in 2019 before Willis appointed Wade to Trump’s case. The attorneys’ relationship made national headlines after Trump’s codefendant, Mike Roman, publicly discussed the relationship and accused Willis of prosecutorial misconduct.

After the allegations against Willis reached national headlines, an investigation into the prosecutor began, which could result in Willis and Wade’s removal from Trump’s case. Willis testified about her relationship, as did Wade, before McAfee. McAfee will determine if the two’s relationship establishes a conflict of interest in their case against Trump and could remove both attorneys if he finds a conflict present. The primary concern regarding Willis and Wade’s relationship isn’t related to the intimacy of the two attorneys but rather the financial benefits Wade received from his appointment to Trump’s case.

Although many legal experts called for a criminal probe into Willis and Wade, McAfee denied pursuing a criminal investigation into the pair of attorneys. If McAfee determines there is a conflict of interest in the election interference case, authorities could file charges against Willis and Wade for prosecutorial misconduct. Willis and Wade both maintain their innocence despite witnesses contradicting their sworn statements and claim that they did not act inappropriately during their ongoing effort to prosecute Donald Trump.

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