Justice Served: Teenager Convicted in Sonic Drive-In Murder Case

(DailyVantage.com) – A jury convicted a 13-year-old teen for the murder of a Sonic Drive-In employee. The teenager will spend 12 years in prison for the crime. Authorities aren’t identifying the teen, but prosecutors considered a punishment ranging from probation to a 40-year prison sentence.

According to authorities, the young boy murdered Sonic employee Matthew Davis after Davis got into an altercation with the teenager’s uncle. After the two began fighting, the teen’s aunt handed the then 12-year-old an AR-15-style rifle in his uncle’s truck. The teen then used the rifle to shoot Davis multiple times. First responders transported Davis to a hospital, but Davis died from his wounds. The altercation began when Davis confronted the teenager’s uncle for his disorderly conduct, and the teen’s uncle responded by becoming physically violent.

Authorities also arrested the teen’s uncle, Angel Gomez, following Davis’ death. A jury then indicted Gomez for tampering with evidence due to his actions following the crime. According to authorities, Gomez attempted to hide evidence of the murder following the shooting.

Following the jury trial for the teenage shooter, a jury convicted the teen for delinquent conduct. Delinquent conduct is the juvenile equivalent of a guilty verdict, meaning the jury found the teenager guilty of Davis’ murder. Angel Gomez’s case is still pending, and his attorney isn’t commenting on the case at this time.

According to prosecutors, Gomez returned to the murder scene after Davis’ death. Police quickly arrested Gomez for the murder, but the teenager responsible for shooting the employee wasn’t with him. Authorities found the teen in a local town and arrested him for the shooting. Gomez’s wife, Ashely Marmolejo Gomez, is also charged with manslaughter for her involvement in the incident.

According to Ashley Marmolejo Gomez, she handed the rifle used in the shooting to the teenager but only wanted him to intimidate Davis. Ahsley Marmolejo Gomez claims she drank alcohol before the altercation and didn’t want to be involved. Davis’ mother spoke about the incident and called Ashley Marmolejo Gomez’s actions “disgusting.”

Davis’ mother claims the 12-year sentence is appropriate but believes that Angel Gomez should face stricter charges. According to Davis’ mother, the gun used in the shooting was Gomez’s, and since he carried the weapon used in the shooting, he should also face a murder charge.

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