Kamala Harris Gets Awkward Over Border Question

Kamala Harris Gets Awkward Over Border Question

(DailyVantage.com) – Shortly after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took office, Biden appointed his veep as the Border Czar. However, with the border crisis still spiraling out of control over a year later, it’s unclear exactly what she’s doing because it doesn’t appear she’s working at resolving the issue. In a recent interview, a Noticias Telemundo reporter pressed Harris about the increasing number of immigrants approaching the border, and her response left many scratching their heads.

When asked, “what has gone wrong so far?” Harris appeared unprepared to address the question. Through a series of pauses, she gave a roundabout, drawn-out answer that didn’t exactly answer the question posed. Instead, the vice president referenced “irregular migration,” whatever that means, and talked about people not wanting to leave grandma behind or leave their church. The reason they do, she says, is because they can’t take care of their own basic needs, or they’re fleeing from danger.

Harris continued, again without answering the question posed, and talked about what she’s reportedly doing in the countries — she names El Salvador and Honduras — to help address the root causes, including enlisting the help of CEOs and addressing corruption. She said that requires focus and investment, and she stated creating change and addressing corruption won’t happen overnight.

In other words, she had no answer except to blame others. That seems pretty much on par with the Biden Administration’s last year.

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