Kamala Harris Is Reportedly No Longer in Line if Biden Skips 2024

Kamala Harris Is No Longer in Line if Biden Skips 2024

Axed – Kamala Harris Getting the Boot?

(DailyVantage.com) – When President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, Democrats had high hopes for him. Fast forward 18 months, the commander-in-chief’s approval ratings are abysmal, and many in his party are disappointed with his performance. There are even rumblings that Biden won’t have the Democrats’ support for the 2024 election. Still, if he doesn’t run, it seems Vice President Kamala Harris would be next in line — or would she?

ABC Panel Speculates

On Sunday, August 7, Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson appeared on ABC’s “This Week,” alongside hosts Jonathan Karl and George Stephanopoulos. During the segment, both Simpson and Karl discussed what would happen if Biden chose not to run for a second term in 2024.

While it’s easy to think the vice president would step into that position, Simpson disagrees. She said the initial train of thought was Biden wouldn’t throw his name in the hat for a second term but instead would “empower someone to run.” Simpson also said she doesn’t know who that person would be. When Stephanopoulos asked her if Harris was the “heir apparent,” the CEO said Harris should be, but circumstances have painted the VP into a corner where she appears weak and de-energized, despite her powerful role as second-in-command.

Biden Is “Battered”

Simpson says the White House needs to focus on Harris because Biden is “definitely battered.” Karl pointed out there are rumblings on Capitol Hill that Democrats are not happy with his progress nor his failure to deliver on campaign promises. Several on the Left have already either said they wouldn’t support him or skirted the question altogether. The party also appears disillusioned with Harris, which means “it could be a very messy Democratic primary.”

There’s still no inkling about who might run on the Republican ticket, either. Former President Donald Trump has yet to confirm his intentions, though many speculate he will run again, especially if it’s against Biden. Others think Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) might be a possible candidate, too.

If Trump did run again, according to an exclusive poll released to The Hill, neither Biden nor Harris would succeed in a potential matchup against the 45th POTUS. That means if the Democrats want a shot at keeping the White House, they need to get another candidate on the ticket — but that seems easier said than done.

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