Key Demographic Withdraws Support for Biden Months Before Election Day

( – Former president Donald Trump is gained another advantage over President Joe Biden in their upcoming presidential showdown later this year after a recent poll showing the latter losing the support of a certain segment of voters who have historically voted Democrat in the past.

A new poll by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll released on May 30, Biden, who won the youth vote by more than 20 percentage points in the last election, has significantly lower support among voters under 45 and those aged 18-29. According to the poll, Biden now only edges Trump by a mere four percentage points among the under-45 voters and only by six percentage points when it comes to the 18-29 voting crowd.

This, and a number of other factors, has Trump edging out Biden in a multi-candidate voting scenario. The poll has the former chief executive winning with 44% of the vote against the incumbent’s 40%. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. came in at a far, far, third place with just 8%, while Jill Stein, who is running under the Green Party, secured 3%. Another Independent presidentiable, Cornell West, got 2%.

In a head-to-head, however, Biden narrowly beats out Trump, 50% to 45%. Biden’s lead narrows even further to just one percentage point – 50% 49% – when considering voters who are likely to actually cast their vote later this year.

The president has long been having problems securing the youth vote even before this recent poll. A large chunk of young voters have historically voted Democrat, as highlighted by the support they gave to former president Barack Obama’s campaign, and to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders’s failed presidential run. Now however, given Biden’s and many Democrats’ support for Israel – among other issues – have soured many younger voters on voting liberal. While they are not likely to vote for Trump either, the Biden-Harris campaign loses crucial support in what promises to be another close race later this year.

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