Kids’ Reactions to New “Little Mermaid” Trailer Are Going Viral

Kids' Reactions to New

Look How Kids Are Reacting to “Little Mermaid”

( – Disney has been busy this year producing live-action remakes of its popular animated movies. The latest is “The Little Mermaid,” due in theaters next May. The animation giant wasted no time in releasing a trailer at its D23 expo, and while some of the reviews were negative, the clip was very popular with one section of the population: children.

The casting of the lead character was one movie element surprising many viewers. Twenty-two-year-old R&B singer Halle Bailey plays Ariel, the bright red-haired mermaid. Some parents couldn’t wait to share the news — and the video — with their children, who were awestruck upon seeing the representation, complete with priceless reactions.

Having the opportunity to play the role thrilled Bailey, who said every child of color should “know that they’re special, and that they should be a princess in every single way.” Her grandparents provided critical support, telling the actress what she was doing for the community would positively affect “little Black and brown girls who are going to see themselves in you.”

While the movie is seeing many positive responses, there’s another side to the coin as well. Some fans of the 1989 animated feature expressed their disappointment the live-action film used an actress who didn’t look more like the cartoon character. Those who spoke out even made the hashtag #NotMyAriel trend for a bit.

What’s your take on the role? Do you think Halle Bailey is a good fit?

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