Kim Jong Un Will Meet With Putin

( – The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, will travel to Russia to discuss a potential arms deal with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Kim Jong Un rarely travels abroad, so his planned visit to Russia is making international headlines. The details regarding the meeting are scarce, but many officials are concerned that it will result in North Korea providing Russia with arms to use in its ongoing conflict against Ukraine.

Ukraine has many allies who have provided arms and ammunition to aid in the constant battle with Russia. Russia lacks the support that Ukraine maintains and seeks to establish alliances with some of its Asian neighbors. Among these neighbors are China and the aforementioned North Korea. North Korea is less well-armed than China, but Kim Jong Un regularly tests a variety of long-range weaponry that might shift the tide of the war in favor of Russia. Russia isn’t confirming that the summit will take place, but top intelligence agencies are confident that Kim Jong Un will visit Russia in the coming weeks.

The United States issued a warning about the potential ramifications of North Korea providing arms to Russia. Still, some Asian countries are worried about what Russia will give to North Korea in return. Officials from South Korea believe that Kim Jong Un might be seeking nuclear submarine technology, enabling the supreme leader to perform devastating missile attacks anywhere across the globe. This is just speculation; however, North Korea remains fixated on developing methods to increase its long-range weaponry potential, and a nuclear submarine would strengthen its attack capabilities considerably.

The meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un marks the latest instance of Russia seeking potential alliances, but a long-term commitment between the two nations is unlikely. North Korea remains heavily isolationist and will likely only supply arms to Russia on a limited basis. Despite this, many countries worry that Russia might secure an official alliance with North Korea or China and substantially prolong the conflict with Ukraine.

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