Kindergarten Classroom Shot As D.C.’s Crime Rate Rises

( – A Washington, D.C., elementary school was briefly placed on lockdown Monday afternoon after a shooting near campus left several windows riddled with bullets, Fox 5 in Washington reported.

When the gunfire near Stanton Elementary School in southeast DC began, the students outside rushed back into the building while the students inside were moved away from the windows as the school locked down.

Investigators who did a sweep of the building after the shooting discovered bullets lodged in the windows of two classrooms, including one window in an empty fifth-grade classroom and two windows in a kindergarten classroom.

By 2:10 p.m., the school lifted the lockdown and classes resumed.

No injuries were reported.

One parent whose son attends Stanton Elementary School told Fox 5 that his class was taken to the basement during the lockdown.

DC resident Shirley Dawkins, who lives nearby, blamed Mayor Muriel Bowser for the rising crime in the district. Dawkins said that the mayor is too focused on appealing to voters in downtown and uptown DC to focus on crime in the poorer communities.

A few hours after the gunfire near Stanton Elementary, DC Metro Police responded to another southeast DC shooting on Green Street, where a teenage boy was killed, Fox 5 reported.

Another shooting in southeast DC just before midnight on Monday took the life of a woman.

Police are also investigating the murder of Blake Bozeman, who was fatally shot at the Cru Lounge over the weekend.

According to data from the DC Metro Police Department, homicides in the District of Columbia are up by 28 percent this year compared to the same time last year. Robberies have increased by 65 percent, while car thefts have skyrocketed by 106 percent.

Violent crime in general has increased by 37 percent over the same time last year.

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