Lake’s Prediction – FIFTH Indictment Incoming?!

( – Following the fourth indictment of former President Donald Trump in Georgia, former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake predicts that Trump will face a fifth indictment in Arizona. Lake took to Twitter, where she asserted that President Joe Biden will urge Arizona officials, Governor Katie Hobbs and Attorney General Kris Mayes, to indict Trump to distract media attention from his potential involvement in illicit business in Ukraine.

This prediction comes after the Republican-controlled House Oversight Committee requested unredacted communications and documents from then-Vice President Biden with Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, or other associates, as well as drafts of then-Vice President Biden’s speech delivered to the Ukrainian Rada. If there is any overlap between Biden’s activities as Vice President and his son’s activities in Ukraine, that could serve as evidence of potential corruption by President Biden and hinder his re-election campaign.

Devon Archer recently testified before the House Oversight Committee about the speakerphone calls he alleges occurred between Hunter and Joe Biden about business. While President Biden has denied involvement, Republicans have attempted to use Archer’s testimony to assert that the Biden family’s dealings with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings were corrupt. Republicans have claimed that then-Vice President Biden pressured Ukraine to fire prosecutions against Burisma under the threat of losing foreign aid from the United States.

Meanwhile, Democrats believe that the investigation and claims against President Biden are political theatrics to distract from the prosecution against Trump. Now, with 91 charges against him and over four indictments, the maximum sentencing for Trump is over 641 years in prison. Trump supporters argue this is political persecution, while critics believe his actions warrant a criminal trial. With the most recent indictment in Georgia, the District Attorney has charged Trump with criminal racketeering. Georgia’s case references Trump’s campaign activities in Arizona, which they believe were criminal, foreshadowing a potential fifth indictment. One indictment against a former president alone has been historic. If this were to happen, Lake’s prediction would be proven correct.

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