Lake’s Prediction – Latest Indictment Guarantees Trump’s Victory?

( – Kari Lake, a former Arizona gubernatorial candidate, and popular Republican figure, commented on the latest indictment against Donald Trump in Georgia. Lake claims that the charges brought against Trump by Georgia “sealed the deal” on Trump’s 2024 presidency and guaranteed Donald Trump’s victory in the upcoming election. 

Lake stated that Americans see through the “phony” charges against the former president. Lake also claims the indictment is an apparent example of the rampant corruption Donald Trump accuses Washington D.C. of. Lake remains one of Trump’s most significant supporters and even lived with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago home for some time. 

At one point, many speculated that Lake could be Trump’s future running mate due to her outspoken conservative politics and avid support of Trump’s presidential bid and proposed policies. Trump has not confirmed if he considered making Lake his running mate and remains silent about who will serve as his vice president should he be elected. Trump’s former running mate Mike Pence will not return to Trump’s side for the upcoming election, as Pence seeks the Republican nomination for himself and is running his presidential campaign against his former running mate. Lake is a controversial figure, making headlines for her potential bid for a U.S. Senate position. 

Lake commented on the ongoing criminal cases against Donald Trump during an appearance on Newsmax and claimed the Biden Administration is weaponizing the Department of Justice to stall Donald Trump’s re-election efforts. Lake claims the attempted interference by the White House will not work and that Donald Trump’s campaign will be successful despite the ongoing legal issues the former president currently faces. Lake’s comments echo a sentiment shared by many conservative voters, who feel that Trump is the target of a weaponized Department of Justice for inappropriate reasons. 

Lake called out other Republican candidates during her latest Newsmax appearance for not defending Trump in the latest indictment against the former president. Lake claimed that Mike Pence and Ron DeSantis should protect Trump, and their refusal to do so indicates a failure on their part. DeSantis and Pence remain silent about whether or not they believe Trump acted illegally or is being targeted. Still, they likely want Trump to face conviction to help their presidential campaigns progress.

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