Law Firm Fires Top Employees Because They Won Their SCOTUS Case

Law Firm Fires Top Employees Because They Won Their SCOTUS Case

Left-Wing Law Firm Fires Top Employees for Winning Landmark Court Case

( – The US Constitution enshrines the right to bear arms, yet, despite that, there have been many legal battles over the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court recently issued a 6 to 3 ruling in the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen case, striking down a New York law limiting concealed carry permits’ use. While most law firms would be ecstatic to be on the winning side of such a lawsuit, one DC firm decided to give its lawyers an option: resign from the case or resign from their jobs.

On Thursday, June 23, Kirkland & Ellis LLP announced it was parting ways with two of the attorneys on its staff: Supreme Court litigator Erin Murphy and former Solicitor General Paul Clement. The reason for the split? The two lawyers refused to back down from Second Amendment cases. According to Clement, they were “given a stark choice: either withdraw from ongoing representations or withdraw from the firm.”

Jon Ballis, a Kirkland & Ellis LLP spokesman, confirmed the firm would no longer be taking on any Second Amendment-related cases but didn’t explain why. He also said the firm was open to working with the attorneys on any matter unrelated to gun laws.

As for Clement and Murphy, they said they’re open to establishing a boutique clinic following their dismissal and remain steadfast in the belief that despite the unpopularity of the case in some circles, they will stand by their clients.

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