Lawmakers Push Back Against Yet Another Statewide Mandate

Lawmakers Push Back Against Yet Another Statewide Mandate

( – Washington State has been under fire since Governor Jay Inslee (D) instituted a vaccine mandate on August 9. Several police officers turned in their resignations instead of meeting the requirement to be fully vaccinated by October 18. Many left behind some choice words for Inslee and his mandate. Now, two state legislators are raising the alarm about another potential directive, one they believe is too ambiguous and can cause real harm to privately-owned businesses.

On October 25, Washington State Republican Representatives Jesse Young and Jim Walsh raised the flag about an alarming discovery involving the state’s Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). The agency filed an Emergency Rulemaking package, allegedly handing Inslee a “blank check” to enforce mandates as he sees fit — even on private businesses.

The two representatives pushed back against this initiative, stating any amendments updating or expanding the emergency order should be pursued in an “open and transparent manner that allows public review and comment.”

Otherwise, what’s to stop the government from overreaching yet again? Privately-owned businesses should have the right to run their companies as they see fit, and that means making their own decisions about employees and vaccination status.

While Inslee hasn’t made any movement to mandate private business compliance, one can only wonder if this new package paves the way for such actions in the future.

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