Lawmakers To GUT THIS From Schools – It Passed!

( – On Tuesday, the Virginia House narrowly passed Bill 2432 which prohibits school faculty from keeping parents in the dark about their children’s gender identification. That is to say, if a child wishes to identify as a gender different than their biological one, a teacher or other faculty member must alert the child’s parents. 

People who do not undergo serious medical transitions or hormonal therapy but, instead, only wish to be referred to by a different name or a different set of pronouns are said to be undergoing “social transition”. This term is used often in Abigail Shrier’s best selling book, Irreversible Damage. In the book, Shrier documents different schools in the west coast that are replete with students who have undergone social transitions totally unbeknownst to their parents. 

As stated in a summary of the bill, licensed school employees are “prohibited” from “encouraging or coercing a minor” from withholding information about the minor’s change in gender identity from their parents. 

This, in effect, includes parents into discussions pertaining to their child’s mental and emotional well being. 

What’s more, the bill dispels the idea that “dead naming” (when a transgender person is referred to by their former name) is child abuse or neglect in any form. 

House Bill 2432 is also known as Sage’s Law, named after a girl who, unbeknownst to her parents, socially transitioned to a boy. The so called “trans boy” subsequently fell victim to a sex trafficking ring and was brutally raped. Sage’s adoptive parents lost custody of her after being accused of “misgendering.” 

The fate of the bill now rests with Virginia’s upper house: the Senate. The Senate, which has a slim Democrat majority (22-18), may very well stop it dead in its tracks. If that is the case, Sage’s Law won’t advance to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s desk for a signature. 

Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, who’s upset victory over Terry McAuliffe was chalked up to cultural factors and parent’s rights, is expected to sign the bill if it passes the Senate. 

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