LeBron James Attacks Kyle Rittenhouse’s Panic Attack During Court Battle

LeBron James Attacks Kyle Rittenhouse's Panic Attack During Court Battle

(DailyVantage.com) – The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the now 18-year-old accused of murdering two people and wounding a third during the Kenosha, Wisconsin, BLM riots in 2020, is underway. On November 10, Rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense, becoming visibly emotional as the prosecutor questioned him. Many people expressed sympathy and compassion for his plight, but one notable figure decided the best course of action was to mock him.

Basketball star LeBron James took to Twitter, calling Rittenhouse out for his alleged fake tears. “What tears,” he mocked, claiming he hadn’t seen a single one.

James swiftly faced backlash, with many people telling him to take a seat, lamenting his lack of compassion and saying his behavior was a stain on his character.

Rittenhouse currently faces two counts of homicide, a single count of attempted homicide, illegal possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18, and recklessly endangering public safety.

The events took place while Rittenhouse was only 17-years-old. It would be a harrowing event even for an adult. Is it really all that surprising that he became emotional? Rather than attack him, LeBron should be an adult and live by the old-age adage: if you don’t have anything nice to say, maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.

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