Liberal Host Slams Female Athlete, Gets Wrecked Online

( – Far Left podcaster Keith Olbermann went after former college swimming champion Riley Gaines last week over her support for Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen’s executive order that limits gender to biological male and female.

In a post on X, Gaines said she had previously met with Governor Pillen about his executive order, the “Women’s Bill of Rights,” and thanked him for signing the order, calling his actions to protect the rights of Nebraska women “leadership.”

The executive order, which Governor Pillen signed last Wednesday, clarifies that “female” describes a biological woman.

In response to Gaines’ post, Olbermann told the outspoken opponent of transgender athletes in women’s sports to “just address the reality and move past it. He said the reason Gaines lost to transgender swimmer “Lia” Thomas is that she “sucked at swimming.”

Olbermann’s post was hit with a Community Note fact-check, which pointed out that Gaines ended her swimming career at the University of Kentucky as one of the school’s “most decorated swimmers” and was instrumental in the UK Wildcats winning their first conference championship title in 2021.

Gaines responded to Olbermann by suggesting that she now understood why he was fired from ESPN.

Gaines also blasted Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt for calling Governor Pillen’s “Women’s Bill of Rights” “offensive” and “ridiculous.”

In response, Gaines suggested that Nebraska voters should remember Senator Hunt’s attitude toward defining women during the next election.

Senator Hunt hit back by claiming that she is term-limited.

Nebraska law limits state senators to two consecutive terms but allows a former senator to run again after four years. However, Hunt is only finishing up her first term in office, so the state’s term limits law does not apply to her. In May, Hunt announced that she was leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a registered independent.

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