Lips SEALED – White House Keeping THIS Quiet

( – During last Wednesday’s White House press briefing, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly refused to comment on the collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea agreement, Fox News reported.

Hunter was in court last Wednesday, where he entered a not-guilty plea to two misdemeanor tax charges after the judge refused to sign off on the “sweetheart” deal arranged with prosecutors.

Jean-Pierre kicked off the briefing by attempting to head off any questions about Hunter’s legal problems, noting that the president’s son is a “private citizen” and the collapse of the deal is “a personal matter for him.”

Despite her best efforts, Jean-Pierre was peppered with questions.

When asked if the president or his lawyers had spoken with Hunter’s legal team or if they were “keeping tabs on the proceedings,” Jean-Pierre referred the reporter to the Justice Department, adding that she had nothing more to add.

When the reporter pressed further, asking if the president believes federal prosecutors acted “appropriately and competently” in the case, Jean-Pierre repeated the go-to White House defense that the Justice Department acts independently of the White House. Again, she referred all questions to the Justice Department and to “Hunter’s representatives.”

Another reporter cited Biden’s support for strict gun laws and, while not mentioning Hunter by name, asked if the president believes someone who violated federal gun laws “should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Smelling a rat, Jean-Pierre said she knew “where this question is going” and repeated that she would not speak to the case in Delaware, adding, “It is an independent matter.”

Jean-Pierre said the matter is up to the Justice Department and the “legal process,” reiterating that she will not speak about it.

But the reporter wouldn’t let it go, asking again what the president believes should happen to someone who possesses a gun illegally.

A frustrated Jean-Pierre said the president’s position on illegal guns “has been very clear” but added that she would not discuss the case.

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