‘Lone Wolf’ Terror Attack Foiled By FBI – It’s Shocking

(DailyVantage.com) – The Federal Bureau of Investigations prevented a terrorist attack on Las Vegas planned by a teenage supporter of ISIS. According to authorities, the teen planned a “lone wolf” attack on Las Vegas and shared his plans on social media before authorities intervened. The posts from the minor prompted an investigation by authorities, who found the suspect hours after he made the threatening posts.

In the post, the teen claimed he supports the Islamic State and that he would attack the “Zionists” within Las Vegas. The rhetoric in the post is antisemitic, indicating the teenager sympathizes with Hamas in its ongoing conflict with Israel. The teen also claimed he would carry out his attack against the “enemies of Allah.” Shortly after the post, police began monitoring the teen and arrested him just three days after he shared the threatening messages.

According to authorities, federal agents found parts used to build a bomb in the teen’s home, as well as propaganda supporting terrorist organizations. Authorities also claim that the social media posts shared by the teen featured the Islamic State flag and Arabic words. Following the posts, law enforcement agencies used multiple search warrants and arrested the teen, preventing the planned attack. According to authorities, the teen’s planned attack was an isolated threat, and there aren’t any other attacks for Las Vegas residents to worry about.

While searching the teen’s home, police found multiple items indicating the minor’s support for ISIS. Among the items recovered by police are a handmade Islamic State flag, a homemade headband and patches with ISIS imagery, propaganda from Al Qaeda, and instructions on how to perpetrate a terrorist attack. Police also found pictures of the teen surrounded by propaganda from the Islamic State.

Police aren’t identifying the teenager but are charging him with terroristic threats, attempts to commit a terrorist act, supporting a terrorist organization, and multiple counts of possession of explosive parts. Each charge is a felony, and the minor will likely be tried as an adult.

The investigation into the teen’s lone wolf operation is ongoing, and authorities encourage anyone with information about a potential attack or other suspicious activity to come forward. Federal authorities request that any information be reported to the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center.

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