Lyft Facing Lawsuits Alleging It Fails To Protect Its Users From Assaults

Lyft Facing Lawsuits Alleging It Fails To Protect Its Users From Assaults

Users ASSAULTED – This Company Bears The Blame…

( – Lyft is a convenient ride-share service popular with millions who use the platform to commute for various reasons. However, it’s no stranger to controversy. Over the past several years, drivers and riders have lodged a number of complaints against the company for failing to protect them from horrendous crimes, including sexual assaults. Now, former users are taking action.

Lyft is currently facing 17 new lawsuits from users around the country. Most involve sexual assault, but some include physical assault cases, like the one involving former driver Stella Grant. One day, she picked up an intoxicated rider who reportedly turned aggressive when Grant tried to verify the passenger’s identity. The driver ended up in the emergency room, and Lyft did nothing to help her.

Grant’s story is just one of many. Some riders say their drivers sexually assaulted them and then threatened them. One passenger, Katherine Rasta, told NPR about her experience in 2021 when her driver allegedly assaulted her and then said, “Remember, I know where you live, and I know where your friends live now.”

A 2021 report showed Lyft experienced an increase in reports, particularly those involving sexual assault. The company has not responded to the accusations or the lawsuits and has released a blanket statement saying it cares about its users and remains committed to their safety.

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