Man Charges For Fatally Stabbing State’s Synagogue President

( – Authorities have charged a man for fatally stabbing a Michigan synagogue president in October. Prosecutors are charging 28-year-old Michael Jackson-Bolanos for the murder of Samantha Woll, the president of the Detroit-based Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue, following an extensive investigation from authorities. Despite Woll’s religious affiliation, prosecutor Kym Worthy claims that there isn’t any evidence of the murder being a hate crime.

Prior to her death, Samantha Woll worked extensively with multiple elected officials, including Representative Elissa Slotkin. Woll also worked on the election campaign of Michigan’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel. Slotkin released a statement regarding Woll’s death, claiming that Woll helped her set up her office and worked with her since she took office in 2019. Nessel also responded to the tragedy, claiming Woll was kind and that she was “horrified” by her murder.

Following Woll’s death, authorities struggled to identify a prime suspect for almost two months. Police did claim that they identified several people of interest with a possible connection to Woll’s death but failed to definitively find a suspect until December 14th, almost two months after Woll’s murder. According to Detroit Police Chief James White, investigators worked alongside the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine a potential motive and identify suspects. White said that the FBI aided the police department in establishing a timeline before Woll’s death.

Prosecutors discussed the case against Michael Jackson-Bolanos, including the moments leading to Woll’s death. Jackson-Bolanos allegedly killed Woll after entering her home in a home invasion, according to prosecutors, and he did not know Woll before the attack. Following the murder, Jackson-Bolanos allegedly lied to authorities investigating the area about his involvement in a series of local thefts and a failed auto theft.

Jackson-Bolanos has an attorney who claims that he is innocent of Woll’s murder. Jackson-Bolanos’s defense attorney also said that police initially identified a different suspect in Woll’s murder but then decided to charge Jackson-Bolanos with Woll’s death. According to Jackson-Bolanos’s lawyer, the Detroit Police Department arrested Jackson-Bolanos to respond to mounting pressure from the public due to the case’s publicity.

Woll’s family responded to Jackson-Bolanos’s arrest, claiming they were grateful that authorities found the person responsible for Woll’s murder. The family thanked the Detroit Police Department and specifically the Homicide Task Force for their hard work in the investigation into Woll’s death.

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