Man Inserts Microchip Under His Skin To Buy Goods and Unlock Car

Man Inserts Microchip Under His Skin To Buy Goods And Unlock Car

Human Microchips Are Here – Inserted Under the Skin!

( – Many people misplace their keys, especially if they don’t have a designated landing or hanging spot. One man got tired of forgetting his and decided to take a rather unique approach to ensure they were always on hand — literally.

Brandon Dalaly is a Tesla owner who decided the best way to make sure he always had his key card was to have it inserted under his skin. He posted a video of the procedure involving a Vivokey Apex rod, for which he’s a beta tester. This device uses NFC technology, the same as modern debit cards and smartphones use to activate tap-to-pay functions. Now, Dalaly can use his hand to tap the car to both unlock and drive it. And, if he buys a new Tesla in the future, he can also pair the chip to that vehicle.

Dalaly also has a chip in his other hand containing important information like his vaccination status, contact card, and house key. He said that chip was smaller and easier to implant.

Dalaly’s actions have prompted mixed responses. He said some of the most vocal critics include religious people, who point him to prophecies about the “mark of the beast,” and those who say Big Brother can now track him everywhere, something he says government agencies can already do with cell phones. Yet Dalaly insists he’s not worshipping the Devil, saying, “I just don’t want to have to [fret] about forgetting my car keys.”

What do you think about getting chips implanted in your hands?

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