Man Sentenced To LIFE – Capital Murder Case Verdict Revealed!

( – A jury sentenced a man to life in prison for the shooting deaths of two Dallas hospital workers last year. The shooting stemmed from an argument between the convicted murderer and his girlfriend, which started just moments after the birth of their child. The convicted shooter will spend the rest of his natural life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The jury convicted Nestor Hernandez, the shooter, and sentenced him to life in prison for capital murder. According to authorities, Hernandez shot and killed both Katie Annette Flowers and Jacqueline Pouka at Methodist Dallas Medical Center in October 2022. The prosecution automatically recommended capital murder charges against Hernandez but didn’t seek the death penalty. Despite the lack of a death penalty, Hernandez will die behind bars.

Hernandez’s defense attorney requested a lesser sentence for the convicted shooter, claiming the shooting wasn’t intentional. Hernandez admitted to killing the two hospital workers but claimed he didn’t intend to shoot anyone and the shooting was accidental.

The prosecution claims Hernandez traveled to the hospital with the sole intent of harming someone due to the mistaken belief that his girlfriend gave birth to another man’s child. Hernandez then argued with his girlfriend about the child before hitting her with a handgun. According to Hernandez’s girlfriend, the shooter threatened to kill himself and her if anyone entered the room. Pouka then entered the room, and Hernandez shot her.

Hernandez claims that Pouka attempted to interfere with the argument between him and his girlfriend, and he mistakenly pulled the trigger, causing Pouka’s death. According to Hernandez, the gun’s discharge caused him to panic and shoot into a nearby hallway, killing Flowers. Despite Hernandez’s claim that the shooting wasn’t intentional, his criminal record indicates a history of violent offenses.

During the time of the double murder, Hernandez was wearing an ankle monitor. Hernandez wore the monitor after being paroled for aggravated robbery and wasn’t allowed to visit the hospital without express permission. Authorities were aware of Hernandez’s violent disposition and shot the convicted murderer in the leg before arresting him.

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