Man’s HEAD Found – The Punishment Is Here!

Man Found With Friend's Head in Car Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison

Man Found With Friend’s Head in Car Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison

( – In December 2021, Eric John Holland led police on a chase through Las Vegas in a stolen Chevy Avalanche. When he finally surrendered, law enforcement got much more than they bargained for. In addition to a stolen vehicle, they also had a murder case on their hands. Inside the truck was Richard Miller’s severed head — the rest of his dismembered body was in coolers in the truck’s bed. Over the summer, Holland pleaded guilty to lesser charges of felony theft and second-degree murder to avoid life in prison. A Clark County district judge recently handed down his sentence.

On Thursday, December 1, Judge Tierra Jones sentenced Holland to 18 to 45 years behind bars.

Before the sentencing, Holland expressed remorse for the killing and said he had a reason for committing the crime — shooting Miller several times before chopping up his body — but wouldn’t go into further detail. His attorney refused to comment after the hearing. Yet, in an interview, Holland accused Miller of killing his ex-wife, Jing Mei Zhu. However, Miller’s daughter, Amanda Potter, says she doesn’t trust anything Holland says.

Potter also said her father’s murder was “the most bizarre thing to ever happen to [her] family,” according to CBS News.

This incident was far from Holland’s first brush with the law. Courts have convicted him after previous arrests on embezzlement and fraud charges and for trying to escape a Texas prison.

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