Mass Shooter Posted Videos Previewing Public for Mass Shooting To Come

Mass Shooter Posted Videos Previewing Public for Mass Shooting To Come

Mass Shooter’s Final Message Shows What He Had Planned All Along

( – People gathered in Highland Park, Illinois, over the weekend to enjoy a 4th of July parade and celebrate America’s independence. Sadly, a lone gunman decided it was the perfect place to open fire from a nearby rooftop. Later that day, police took 22-year-old Robert Crimo III into custody after a short pursuit. Details emerging shortly after his arrest made people question why his behavior didn’t raise alarms before the deadly shooting.

Crimo allegedly ran a YouTube channel, performing as Awake the Rapper, where he posted a short video entitled “Where is Everyone,” seemingly showing the parade route. Raising more alarms, he uploaded the video in August 2021, leading some to believe the young man had planned the attack for up to a year in advance. Still, this isn’t the only video he uploaded on his BlogSpot video page, which was still available even though YouTube shut down his channel.

There’s a lot to unpack.

Other videos have violent undertones, with one partially filmed in a classroom, apparently showing the aftermath of a shooting. The video portrays several dead bodies scattered throughout and appears to show Crimo himself bleeding.

The video voiceovers are another clue and cause for concern with comments like, “It is what I have been waiting for in the back of my head, waiting to be awakened.” He often referred to himself as a sleeper, and people are wondering why nobody noticed these red flags or raised alarms before now.

Authorities are still combing through details of Crimo’s recent online activities and behaviors. Lake Country authorities are currently detaining him on seven counts of first-degree murder, but prosecutors could file more charges later.

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