Mass Shooter Suspectedly Linked to Additional Murders

( – The disturbed young man who perpetrated the Czech Republic’s most atrocious mass shooting in the country’s history may have killed at least two more people before killing 14 people at Charles University.

Local media has reported the suspect’s name as 24-year-old David Kozák, but police have not released any official information regarding the shooter’s identity. His earlier crime, committed just a few days before his shooting spree, saw a father and his 2-year-old daughter ruthlessly gunned down in a neighboring town. While investigating officers found no evidence linking the suspect to the murders at the scene of the crime, they did find links to the shooting when they raided the suspect’s home.

Speaking to the press, Police Chief Martin Vondrasek said the authorities are “working very seriously” on the idea that Kozak was also responsible for the father-and-daughter murder. Vondrasek said he was “convinced” that the victims were “completely randomly selected.”

On top of all of this, police also believe Kozak committed patricide; he allegedly killed his father right before heading to Charles University to shoot the place up.

A Telegram account believed to belong to Kozak was also found, which contained several rants and writings about him wanting to commit the murders. A number of entries directly state that Kozak possessed a desire to “kill” and that he believed that he would “become a maniac in the future.” Kozak also mused in the entries about committing a “school shooting” and “possibly” committing “suicide” after.

Kozak apparently made good on his words when he attacked Charles University’s Faculty of Arts department, killing 14 people and injuring dozens of others. Despite owning eight firearms, the suspect slipped through the cracks of what authorities would consider a threatening individual since he did not have any previous criminal record. Kozak committed suicide as the police responding to the shooting closed in on him. Kozak was considered by many to be an “excellent student,” and the police are still looking for a motive behind his actions.

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