Mayor Adams Sues Texas For Bussing Migrants Into State

( – In the midst of New York’s logistical and financial challenges brought about by the number of migrants it continues to support, the city’s mayor, Eric Adams, has taken issue with the fact that a large percentage of these migrants were bused into the city from other states.

But rather than take the matter up with the states themselves, the NYC mayor has decided to take the matter to the courts. However, he is suing the charter bus companies the migrants rode in.

New York is one of several “sanctuary” cities – mostly run by Democrats –  for migrants, and has spent millions to help support the ones that have made it to the Big Apple. In the suit against more than a dozen transportation companies, the New York mayor is hoping to recoup even a fraction of the money the city has spent on these migrants so far. The mayor’s suit accuses the 17 bus companies of violating New York state law that stipulates that “needy” persons that entities bring from out of state with the purpose of making them a public charge must be supported – or taken out of state – by that entity. The suit is thus seeking $708 million in damages.

While he said that New York will “always do our part to manage this humanitarian crisis”, Mayor Adams said that the costs the city has faced as a result of “reckless political ploys from the state of Texas alone” are unbearable. Mayor Adams accused the bus companies of taking part in “Texas Governor Abbott’s scheme” in what he called an apparent attempt to “overwhelm our social services system.” Adams also accused Texas Governor Greg Abbott of being “inhumane” by reducing migrants to “political pawns.” Adams and Abbott have long butted heads over the issue, with the former issuing an executive order that now requires all bus or any other charter transportation company to give a 32-hour notice before transporting any migrants to New York City. Buses transporting migrants are also only allowed to do so within a daily window beginning 8:30am and 12 noon, Mondays to Fridays only, and only at city-designated drop-off points.

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