Mayor Assaulted In Tense Confrontation With Reporter’s Daughter

( – David Young, Mayor of Orem, Utah, was gathered with several others outside of City Hall following a City Council meeting when the adult daughter of a Daily Herald reporter approached the group and began to cause a scene.

Linnea Pugmire, daughter of the Daily Herald reporter Genelle Pugmire, was obviously upset about statements Young had made during the meeting concerning the stories her mother had written about him in the newspaper.

During the City Council meeting, Young addressed his concerns over news stories written by Genelle Pugmire published in the Daily Herald about him and the council. Young said the stories were “off the rails” and “overly ridiculous”. Young spent about 20 minutes calling out headlines and pointing out what he called the “ominous” differences between actual events and Genelle Pugmire’s news stories. Young claimed Genelle had been using the paper to belittle him and the council.

When Linnea Pugmire approached Mayor Young after the meeting, she asked, “Do you know who I am?”. After a few seconds, Young recognized the 31-year-old as the daughter of Genelle Pugmire. A verbal confrontation ensued between Linnea Pugmire, Mayor Young, and members of the group. Young defended himself by telling Linea he was tired of being “pushed around” by her mother.

Video of the confrontation shows Linnea spitting on Mayor Young and a female standing beside him. Linnea also swung a punch at Young and struck his face. She also swung at a woman standing close by. Police intervened and arrested Linnea. She continued to berate Young while being handcuffed. Linnea was booked into the Utah County Jail on multiple charges. She was released the next day.

Young recounted the encounter, saying that after Linnea assaulted him and began trying to hit the woman standing next to him, he pushed Linnea to get her to move away.

Michelle Lee, a bystander, said she was terrified and called Linnea’s behavior “erratic and unhinged”.

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