Mayor Believes Reparations Will Help Stop Violence In City

( – According to Brandon Johnson, Chicago’s newest mayor, “reparations” for Chicago residents will reduce the city’s infamous violent crime rate. Johnson said that Chicago’s murder rate had decreased since he took office earlier this year and claimed that increased money for reparations would help lower the prevalence of other violent crimes. Johnson discussed Chicago’s crime rate and reparations during an interview on “CNN This Morning.”

Poppy Harlow, a co-host for the television program, said that every form of violent crime except homicide is up 17% from 2022. Harlow asked Johnson if Chicago residents could expect a safer year in 2024, to which Johnson responded by saying Chicago could reduce violent crime rates with the federal government’s aid. Johnson detailed the various programs his administration is implementing in the city, including social programs to provide Chicago youth with meaningful employment opportunities. Johnson also shared how the city uses reparations to improve the lives of citizens living in Chicago.

During the interview, Johnson said that Chicago is investing in critical programs and infrastructure, which will help reduce the city’s growing violent crime rates. Among the programs detailed by Johnson is an ongoing effort to combat homelessness, using approximately $250 million. Chicago is also using an additional $100 million for violence prevention to address the 17% increase in violent crime. The youth program is also receiving money from Chicago, with the city providing $80 million to aid in finding Chicago youth jobs.

According to Johnson, the youth employment program is performing better under his administration. Chicago saw a 20% increase in youth employment in 2022, with more than 25,000 juveniles finding employment during the summer of 2023. Despite the success of the youth employment program, Johnson intends to find jobs for even more young Chicago residents. According to Johnson, his office will hire an additional 4,000 young people during the summer of 2024. After explaining the youth employment program’s recent success, Johnson detailed how Chicago uses reparations to improve the city’s violent crime rate.

Johnson claims that his office added $500,000 to the city’s budget, which his administration will use for “reparations” and “restoration.” Johnson appears to be using the term “reparations” to indicate money for black residents, but he also appears to be avoiding stating that candidly. Johnson said that the city will use some of the funding to restore mental health facilities and re-open schools, and the rest of the money will go to families to help end the “cycle of violence.” Johnson expressed pride over Chicago’s 2024 budget, claiming that his office has invested in a safer future for Chicago’s citizens.

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