Mayor Credits Biden for Erasing His Student Debt

( – President Joe Biden has reaffirmed his plan to have American student loan debt forgiven before the 2024 presidential election despite numerous setbacks and interference by the Supreme Court.

Many college students within the United States haven’t had their student loan debt forgiven, but Biden has managed to waive some debts through legal maneuvering and executive orders. Among the people who’ve had their student loan debt forgiven is Melvin Carter, the mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Carter recently took to social media to celebrate Biden and shared screenshots of his latest debt bill, which showed the mayor didn’t owe any more money to Mohela, his student loan servicer. Melvin shared the screenshot on X, formerly Twitter, in response to Biden’s recent post about pushing forward with his plan to have student loan debt forgiven. Carter thanked Biden and expressed his support for Biden using legal loopholes to ignore a recent Supreme Court ruling that deemed blanket debt forgiveness unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court issued a ruling last year that limited Biden’s ability to have student loan debt forgiven, explicitly targeting the power of the secretary of education. The Supreme Court majority ruled that the education secretary has no authority to cancel every American’s student loan debt, totaling over $430 billion. Biden quickly addressed the ruling and blamed Republicans and the Supreme Court for his failure to have student loan debt forgiven. According to Biden, millions of Americans would be debt-free if Congress and the Supreme Court worked alongside him.

The Biden administration immediately began working towards policies, including his Savings on Valuable Education initiative, that allowed Biden to avoid the Supreme Court’s restriction. While the Savings on Valuable Education plan doesn’t enable Biden to cancel student loan debt for all Americans, it does grant Biden the ability to forgive borrowers who’ve made loan payments for ten years and owe less than $12,000. According to Biden, the Savings on Valuable Education program has allowed the president to forgive the debts of approximately five million borrowers.

Despite the various roadblocks to Biden’s plan to forgive student loan debt, the president remains adamant that he’ll institute debt forgiveness for Americans. Biden famously centered his 2020 presidential campaign on debt forgiveness, which boosted his popularity among younger voters nationwide. Younger voters have become more hesitant to vote for Biden in the upcoming election, which some legal experts cite as the primary motivation for his recent push for student loan forgiveness.

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