Mayor Indicted By Feds On Bribery Charge

( – The mayor of Inkster, Michigan, Patrick Wimberly, is charged with bribery by the Federal Bureau of Investigation following an extensive investigation into the mayor’s actions. According to authorities, Wimberly received bribes related to multiple programs that receive federal funding, and he faces up to a decade in prison along with a $250,000 fine.

The city of Inkster is located near Detroit and has a population of approximately 25,000 people. Authorities claim that Wimberly actively used his role as the city mayor for his financial gain. Prosecutors claim that Wimberly used the bribes to approve someone’s property purchase, and he received the bribes from a currently unidentified person known only as “Person A.” The bribes were monthly payments and started at $5,000 before Wimberly agreed to increase the payments. The total amount received by Wimberly is unknown, but authorities estimate Wimberly received around $50,000 from Person A.

Wimberly allegedly received bribes to provide Person A with a winning bid on a parcel of land owned by the city of Inkster. Details regarding the person paying Wimberly haven’t been released, but the person in question likely intended to use the parcel for commercial purposes. Authorities are still investigating the bribery scheme, and more arrests will follow. Records indicate that Wimberly complained to Person A regarding the monthly payments before demanding more money to provide that person with a winning bid on the parcel, which Person A provided. Wimberly was elected mayor in 2019, prompting some to speculate that other bribes may have occurred during his time in office.

Wimberly isn’t just accused of accepting bribes, as he allegedly used his role as mayor to influence the city council’s vote. According to the indictment, Wimberly exercised control over the city council and convinced them to approve the land sale. Wimberly faces a federal charge, meaning if he’s found guilty, he will go to a federal prison and won’t receive a chance at an early release. The bribes allegedly started in September 2022 and spanned months before authorities caught Wimberly. While Wimberly has not yet been tried, the indictment against the former mayor may indicate criminality, and Wimberly will likely be found guilty if he takes his case to trial.

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