Mayorkas Calls for More Migrants Amid Impeachment Context

( – According to President Joe Biden’s border chief, the United States needs more migrants to enter the country to fill empty jobs in various industries. Alejandro Mayorkas made the bizarre demand for an increased immigrant population during an interview with the New York Times, where he said the migrant surge helps fill essential jobs without burdening the United States workforce. Mayorkas also expressed his desire to change the immigration policies for the United States to make legal entry into the country more accessible for those seeking employment opportunities.

Mayorkas didn’t address the ongoing impeachment effort against him during his interview, nor did he acknowledge the over 6.2 million immigrants who’ve entered the United States since he became the border chief. Mayorkas instead opted to criticize the immigration policies currently in place in the United States and claimed that the United States should follow Canada’s example by making legal immigration easier. Mayorkas failed to mention Canada’s declining economy and labor shortage, which resulted in part due to the country’s easy-going policies enforcing border security.

Despite pushing against Mayorkas through a lengthy impeachment effort, the Republicans in the House of Representatives failed to bring legal action against Mayorkas. Democratic lawmakers overwhelmingly supported Mayorkas, and by extension the Biden administration, and voted against the impeachment. Several Republicans also voted against the Mayorkas impeachment, in a shocking deviation from the party’s shared anti-immigration platform. Historians expected the impeachment effort to fail, as the last impeachment of a cabinet secretary, specifically War Secretary William Belknap, occurred in 1876.

Mayorkas’ interview shared similar talking points with other influential Democratic lawmakers, including President Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer, who have expressed a pro-migrant political platform. The ongoing migrant surge is a crucial issue for many voters ahead of the 2024 presidential election, which could force voters to consider Mayorkas’ policy decisions when evaluating their desired presidential candidate.

Mayorkas regularly receives heavy criticism from other lawmakers due to his approach to border security, which many elected officials feel needs to be improved. Mayorkas famously announced that anyone who made it into the United States wouldn’t face deportation, and he regularly discusses his desire to provide migrants with more employment opportunities. Although the House Republicans failed to impeach Mayorkas, Republican lawmakers regularly claim they’ll compel the border chief to strictly secure the southern border through various policies or threatened legal action.

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