McCarthy Just Got NASTY – GOP Is Fed Up!

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently attacked Fox News, in relation to the media organization’s coverage of the controversial debt ceiling bill that McCarthy worked out with President Biden. McCarthy specifically called out Fox News Host Maria Bartiromo, and accused her of not telling the truth in relation to the various details associated with the bill that McCarthy negotiated.

Bartiromo pointed out that the bill lacked several key policies that McCarthy championed on the national stage, pertaining to the IRS and Medicaid. In the past McCarthy has been famously against the IRS expansion that President Joe Biden has been vocal about wanting, but his debt ceiling resolution did nothing to prevent the expansion from happening sometime in the future. Due to this McCarthy is facing heavy criticism from within his own party, with some Republicans even calling for McCarthy to be ousted from his leadership position.

McCarthy’s compromise with Biden has raised some concerns within the Republican Party, specifically pertaining to McCarthy’s willingness to cave on key issues. Many Republican officials feel as though the negotiation was a failure, including Republican Representative Ken Buck from Colorado.

Despite these criticisms McCarthy seems content with the deal he worked out, and has remained supportive of the resolution in subsequent interviews with various media outlets. Biden himself has given McCarthy praise, noting that negotiations between the two were productive and civil.

While the negotiated national debt deal will prevent economic issues in the short term, the bill has already led to a growing contentment within the Republican Party. McCarthy deviated from the hardline conservatives within his own party, and will likely face heavy criticisms for providing Biden with a heavily skewed deal in his favor. Despite this, McCarthy still won a decent amount of support for the deal within his own party, as well as some Democrats.

McCarthy is also facing less criticism than he was just days ago, as members of the Freedom Caucus have backed away from publicly shaming McCarthy. It would seem as though McCarthy came out on top of the national debt drama.

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