McDonald’s Restaurants in UK Closed for Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

McDonald's Restaurants in UK Closed for Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

McDonald’s HONORS Queen Elizabeth – Does Something Special…

( – Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, September 8. Since then, the UK declared an official mourning period, expected to last until Tuesday, September 20. The palace scheduled Her Majesty’s state funeral for Monday, September 19, and many businesses are closing their doors to honor her, including fast food giant McDonald’s.

In a September 14 Twitter post, McDonald’s announced its intention to close all company restaurants across the UK on Monday, beginning at midnight and ending at 5 p.m., though some may remain closed longer. While the corporation committed to paying its employees working at company-owned locations for the closure, franchise owners must decide whether to pay their workers for previously scheduled shifts.

McDonald’s is far from the only business to pause operations to honor the Queen. Many retail locations, including grocery stores like Aldi, Lildl, and Tesco plan to close up shop temporarily during the funeral as well.

Not all companies are on board. Center Parcs, which originally said it would close its five locations that day, has done an about-face after backlash from vacationers. Facilities within the parks will remain closed, and visitors will receive a discount for the inconvenience. Additionally, smaller convenience stores will remain open to serve water, soft drinks, and snacks to the crowds anticipated to gather to watch the funeral.

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