Mexico President’s SHOCKING Praise for Biden’s Lack of Border Walls

( – The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is praising President Biden for not building walls along the southern United States border. López Obrador met with Biden in San Francisco and claimed that Mexico wishes to aid those seeking to migrate between the two countries. López Obrador also said that the United States and Mexico are “brotherly countries.”

López Obrador is immensely popular within Mexico, maintaining an astonishing approval rating of 60%. Citizens of Mexico celebrate López Obrador’s policies despite the growing violent crime rate in northern Mexico and López Obrador’s over-reliance on the Mexican military. Despite his popularity among Mexican citizens, López Obrador is serving his last term in office due to term limits, and it’s unclear if his party will maintain control after he leaves his position.

During the meeting, Biden echoed López Obrador’s statements and claimed that both countries are working together to prevent crime and drug trafficking across the border. According to Biden, the two nations are also cooperating to fight organized crime and the ongoing opioid crisis. Despite López Obrador’s praise, the United States will resume the construction of the southern border wall.

According to a report from Fox News, the White House approved almost $1 billion in construction contracts for projects located on the southern border. The construction projects span multiple states, such as Arizona and Texas, and will repair or upgrade portions of the border wall. The money used in the contracts originates from Trump-era policies focusing on the southern United States border.

The construction will also fill gaps along the border wall and improve roads on the United States side for border patrol agents. The funds will also be used to install security cameras along the border and build anti-climbing features along the walls to prevent illegal crossings.

The construction contracts are an effort by the Biden Administration to prevent further immigration due to the overwhelming migrant surge at the southern border. Over the past year, approximately 2.4 million people have crossed into the United States through the United States-Mexico border.

Despite the Biden Administration’s attempt at combating the immigrant surge with construction projects, some Republican critics claim it’s not enough to end the record-breaking immigration.

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