Migrant Benefits – What They’re REALLY Getting

(DailyVantage.com) – Joe Wilson (R-SC 2nd District) was censured for shouting “You lie!” at former President Obama during his September 9, 2009, speech to Congress. Wilson was outraged when he heard the president say that illegal immigrants would be excluded from his proposed healthcare reforms. 

Obama said in response, “That’s not true.” Wilson later expressed regret and apologized. Now it’s 2023, and a bill that would provide jobless benefits to illegal immigrants is up for discussion in California.

Joe Wilson knew then what the left’s roadmap looked like. Obama ran on “fundamentally transforming America.”

It’s now 2023, and a plan to give unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants is being discussed in California this week as the state braces for an influx of migrants following the expiration of Title 42.

Under the 2023 Senate Bill 227, the Safety Net for All Workers Act, undocumented workers who lose their jobs would receive $300 per week from the state for up to 20 weeks. 

There was a time when it was illegal to hire undocumented workers.

The proposed legislation’s weekly payments and associated administrative costs are expected to drain state coffers of $356 million. 

State Sen. Mara Elena Durazo, who sponsored the bill, said that undocumented immigrants contribute to California’s economic prosperity, but they remain shut out of California’s financial success due to unjust exclusions from the safety net. 

According to recent research by the Urban Institute, New York State taxpayers forked over $2.1 billion to illegal aliens. The Excluded Workers Fund (EWF) in New York State was intended to help illegal immigrants denied benefits from state and federal unemployment programs.

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