Military Convoy Carrying up to 6 Nuclear Warheads Spotted

Military Convoy Carrying up to 6 Nuclear Warheads Spotted

( – The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has several countries tuned in to the unfolding events as they occur. Shortly after his troops invaded Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin put the rest of the world on nuclear alert. That’s perhaps, what makes the recent discovery of six potential nuclear warheads traveling through Glasgow, Scotland, concerning.

Warheads Travel Through Scotland

On Friday, March 18, an unmarked military convoy made its way through Glasgow on the M74, before reaching its destination. According to Nukewatch UK, an organization that monitors nuclear warheads, this particular convoy was heading to Loch Long’s Royal Naval Armaments depot. In fact, this is not the first time the military has moved nuclear warheads along the same path. Nukewatch reports it happened in March and May 2021.

However, there’s been no activity since October, which has led the agency to draw conclusions about the new convoy. Rather than preparing for an attack, Nukewatch thinks the military is refurbishing, not arming. Regarding the number of warheads in transit, the organization’s campaigner, Jane Tallents, thinks as many as six might be aboard the four carriers. “Our reckoning is that each of those trucks can carry two, but one of the trucks is empty as a spare in case one breaks down,” she said.

Timing Is “Alarming”

The timing seems a bit concerning, according to Tallents. After all, at the end of February, Putin put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert, leading many to speculate the Russian president wasn’t afraid to escalate matters if things didn’t go his way in Ukraine. Yet, Tallents doesn’t believe NATO means to incite any incidents with these warheads, but rather the alliance wants to make a point it’s ready and could attack at any time if needed.

Several weeks later, there’s been no more threats — direct or indirect — from Putin, other than slapping some US officials, including President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with sanctions, but countries seem to be taking proactive approaches just in case Putin’s threats aren’t off the table.

Some US officials believe the Russian president will continue to escalate the threat of nuclear war. Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier thinks it’s only a matter of time. “Russia likely will increasingly rely on its nuclear deterrent,” he said, as Ukraine slowly but seemingly surely wears down the strength of Russian troops and forces.

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