Missing TV Doctor Found Dead on Island

(DailyVantage.com) – British authorities have announced that a missing doctor was found dead on a Greek island, raising questions about the doctor’s disappearance and how he died. Doctor Michael Mosley, a famous television doctor from the United Kingdom, went missing after embarking on a hike near St. Nicholas Beach, by a village named Pedi. Mosley left early in the afternoon but failed to return, prompting his wife to contact the police.

Police began a days-long search for Mosley, which included drones and volunteer search parties. Authorities also used helicopters and boats during the search, likely due to the rough terrain in the area. The search parties looked throughout the region and covered miles of beach and nearby hiking trails without finding evidence of Mosley or any clues about his whereabouts.

Search officials uncovered security camera footage of Mosley but couldn’t determine his location from the video recordings. Authorities also used rescue dogs to search for Mosley but had to call the dog teams off after temperatures climbed to more than 100 degrees. Eventually, police found what they believed to be Mosley’s body, but official identification hasn’t occurred yet.

According to Lefteris Papakalodoukas, the mayor of Symi, authorities found Mosley’s body on a rocky area near the Agia Marina beach. Police believe that Mosley had hiked on an incredibly steep trail near the beach and died after he fell and suffered severe injuries. Authorities aren’t sure if Mosley survived the initial fall or if he survived and succumbed to his injuries following the ordeal. Papakalodoukas confirmed that he was present when search officials found Mosley and that the search party used cameras to confirm Mosley’s identity from a distance.

Mosley reached fame after appearing on the British television program “This Morning,” where he discussed various health topics and diet regimes. After his first appearance, Mosley became a regular for the morning television program. Mosley developed a new dietary method, which utilized intermittent fasting.

During his lifetime, Mosley also authored several books on different diets and how people could use fasting to lose weight or improve their health. Mosley’s books performed well internationally and established Mosley as a top health professional regarding fasting and dietary regimes. Mosley was 67 years old when he died and is survived by his wife and four children.

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