More Than 100 Marines Discharged Over Vaccine Mandates

More Than 100 Marines Discharged Over Vaccine Mandates

( – The hits just keep on coming for the military. Last week, the Army discharged 27 airmen for not getting the vaccine. Now, the US Marines are following suit.

On December 16, the Marine Corps announced it had discharged 103 servicemembers over their refusal to vaccinate. Spokesman Maj. Jim Stenger confirmed the separation via email, saying the branch applied the “vaccine refusal” discharge code to their records.

In late October, the Marine Corps sent out a warning, saying Marines choosing not to vaccinate would be disobeying “a lawful order.” It seems this is only the beginning of separations, as there are approximately 30,000 who have not complied.

Just over 3,000 Marines applied for religious exemptions, but the Corps has denied 2,863 so far. The branch did approve 1,007 exemptions, but these were for administrative or medical reasons.

It seems as though we’re slowly watching the shredding of the US military, which should raise alarms everywhere. Cutting down military forces when tensions are rising with Russia and China may leave the United States vulnerable. Our military members are our first line of defense, and if we lose thousands of them, who will be there should the worst happen?

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