More Than 500 US Troops Discharged From Military Over Vaccine

500 US Troops Discharged From Military Over Vaccine

( – When President Joe Biden issued his vaccine mandate for the US military, many sought exemptions — which were often promptly denied, regardless of the reason for the request. Subsequently, several branches started relieving members, discharging them of their duties. First, the Air Force let 27 airmen go, then in excess of 100 Marines received their walking papers. In all, more than 500 of our heroes have lost their jobs because of a draconian measure Biden promised on the campaign trail would never happen in the first place.

As of January 30, the Navy has discharged 23 of its active-duty sailors, while the Air Force numbers have climbed from the initial 27 we reported to 111 active-duty airmen who no longer have a place on our armed forces.

But, the worst-hit branch is the Marine Corps, which had released a stunning 334 Marines as of January 20. That exceeds 500 service members no longer ready to heed the call to protect the country should America need them, all over a jab, a temporary health mandate.

Only the Army has not discharged its service members, though it has issued official reprimands and relieved six leaders of their positions. Per the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), none of those affected will have “dishonorably discharged” on their records, but that’s of little comfort to the men and women who signed up to serve their country, dismissed by a bureaucracy.

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