MTG Introduces Bill Targeting Swatters As Senator Becomes Latest Target

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) intends to push for stricter punishments for anyone who engages in “swatting” or making bogus 911 calls to engage an innocent party in a severe police interaction.

The hope of a “swatter” is for the incident to get chaotic, go badly, and perhaps have their intended target killed.

On Wednesday night, Greene revealed on her X account that her relative had been swatted. She has been a victim of the despicable hoax herself on many occasions.

Greene will introduce legislation to make it easier for police to make arrests and for prosecutors to bring these offenders to justice.

Hours after the incident, Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida stated on Thursday morning that someone had swatted his residence. Scott said that neither he nor his wife were there at the time.

Scott commented on X that crooks squandered law enforcement’s time and resources in an evil effort to frighten his family. He called them “cowards.”

Republican lawmakers have been the targets of many of these events. On Christmas Day, Greene and Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY) claimed to have been swatted.

Williams wrote on X that he wanted to express his gratitude to the troopers and deputies who had contacted him before they showed up at his house.

Greene posted on the platform that someone has swatted her as much as eight times.

She wrote on X that her area police are the “best in the world” and lamented that they had to “deal with this.” She added that she and her family are in “joyful spirits celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

It is against the law to swat at or intentionally target specific people or places. Just to put armed cops on high alert, someone calls 911 and reports a severe crime in progress, such as a house killing or bomb threat. None of it is true.

This behavior has become more widespread since private information like people’s home addresses can be easily found on social media.

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