MTG Pushes for Law Forcing Media to Issue Corrections on False Stories

MTG Pushes for Law Forcing Media to Issues Corrections on False Stories

( – There’s no denying even reliable media outlets tend to get things wrong from time to time, which is why they occasionally issue corrections and retractions. But then there are the chronic offenders who repeatedly push questionable narratives without having all the facts. One congresswoman thinks these offenders should be held accountable in a unique way.

On Tuesday, November 30, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) joined the John Solomon Reports podcast to share her opinions on how distorted the news is lately. MTG said one need look no further than the Russia collusion scandal that plagued the Trump Administration for almost his entire presidency. CNN was the biggest offender in pushing that narrative, and Greene thinks it needs to stop, but it won’t unless newsgroups are held accountable.

“The freedom of press is not the freedom to lie,” she said. Her solution? Have the offenders spend equal amounts of time correcting their lies.

In the example above, that would equate to over three years of CNN broadcasting the truth: No investigation thus far has turned up any connection between Trump and Russia concerning the 2016 election. However, Greene thinks this idea is worthy of legislation to that effect and currently has her staff looking into the possibilities of introducing it in some form in the future.

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