Multiple State Capitols Under Lockdown Due To Bomb Threats

time bomb in a backpack representing terrorist attack

( – Multiple state capitols recently received bomb threats, prompting authorities to perform evacuations and lockdowns. Despite the bomb threats, police didn’t find any dangerous items or explosive devices in any of the evacuated capitols, and authorities haven’t discovered any potential connection between the incidents. Among the states that received bomb threats are Montana, Kentucky, Michigan, Georgia, and Connecticut. Despite the threats being hoaxes, federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are involved in active investigations.

The FBI released a statement about the bomb threats, encouraging members of the public to report any suspicious behavior or strange people around state capitals. In the statement, the FBI also claims to consider all threats, even hoaxes, to be serious. The FBI also announced its plan to work alongside other authorities, including state troopers and capital police departments, in its investigation of the bomb threats. The statement coincides with a social media post from Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear, who addressed the incident on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Beshear took to X following the bomb threat to announce that the Kentucky State Police Department was investigating the hoax threat to find the person responsible. Following the Kentucky bomb threat, Kentucky state police evacuated Kentucky’s state capitol. Kentucky authorities confirmed their knowledge of similar bomb threats in other states and are actively investigating the threat received by Kentucky’s Secretary of State Office.

Similar to Kentucky’s Secretary of State Office, Georgia’s Secretary of State Office also received a bomb threat indicating someone placed bombs around the state’s capitol building. Georgia’s Department of Public Safety conducted a search after officials reported the threat and eventually cleared the threat. Despite the threat being a hoax, Georgia’s chief operating officer for Georgia’s secretary of state, Gabrial Sterling, suggested that Georgia residents avoid the area for the foreseeable future. After investigating the initial bomb threat, authorities quickly determined it lacked validity.

Mississippi’s state capitol is currently in lockdown due to a similar incident after the state capitol building received a warning about a bomb. Mississippi authorities found no evidence of a genuine threat but are still investigating the incident. Other states, including Montana and Connecticut, are locked down because of similar threats. According to federal authorities, the string of threats nationwide may be connected, but police haven’t determined any connections between the hoaxes.

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