Mysterious “Zombie Virus” FOUND – Details Pouring In!


Mysterious “Zombie Virus” Found That’s Thousands of Years Old

( – A frozen state of permafrost covers approximately 25% of the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a frozen snapshot of the Earth’s past, and creating extraction sites, such as underneath a Siberian lake, has allowed researchers to examine the contents. A recent study highlighted the discovery of 13 ancient viruses. In fact, scientists revived one of them, Pandoravirus yedoma, which they estimate at 48,500 years old, sparking debate over whether it and other ancient viruses have the potential to infect humans and potentially cause another pandemic situation.

Microbiologist Jean-Marie Alempic headed the study to bring attention to the fact that global warming is “irreversibly thawing permafrost,” releasing “organic matter frozen for up to a million years.” The organic matter contains dormant viruses, which could potentially become a “health threat,” according to the researchers.

In reviving and studying the “zombie viruses,” scientists discovered the pathogens might be able to infect humans, which could bring on another COVID-19-like pandemic in the future. The examination also calls for more research into the virus’ capabilities, including bringing them to life to determine their properties. Additionally, researchers advocate pandemic preparedness, including developing “highly specific medical responses, such as new antivirals or vaccines.”

The study has yet to undergo peer review but provides food for thought. Researchers insist that continuing climate change will inevitably thaw land frozen thousands of years ago. Are we prepared for the potential threats that might emerge from the ice?

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