Nancy Pelosi Says US Troops Are the Biggest Polluter Problem

Nancy Pelosi Says US Troops Are the Biggest Polluter Problem

( – If there’s anything House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is notorious for, it’s saying and promoting the wrong things. Just think back to her showing off her luxury fridge full of expensive ice cream at a time when people were struggling amid a pandemic or skirting the very mask mandates she insisted were necessary. This time, she’s gone even further, calling out the US military for not being green enough.

Pelosi’s currently attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland. On November 9, she took questions from reporters. One inquired about the military’s pollution levels, prompting the Speaker to agree the military is “a big user of fuel,” contributing “more pollution than 140 other countries combined.”

Her proposed solution? She suggests converting military equipment to alternative fuel sources. Yet, she’s completely ignoring the ridiculous amount of money it would cost the US to do so. Or maybe she’s not, considering the name of the Democrats’ game is spending buckets of cash. The Build Back Better plan, currently sitting at $1.75 trillion, is a true testament to this. What it doesn’t include is the budget to convert military equipment. So, where would the money come from to reconfigure the estimated 225,000 military vehicles?

The US currently has more pressing problems to worry about, namely the increasingly concerning threats from China and Iran. Perhaps, Pelosi should focus on ensuring military readiness to handle these issues rather than what type of fuel it takes to fill up a tank or ship.

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