NATO Tells Ukraine “YES” – But There’s A Catch!

NATO to Let Ukraine Join Ranks -- At Some Point

NATO to Let Ukraine Join Ranks — At Some Point

( – Before Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, he was adamant that Russia would never allow the neighboring country to join NATO. The West failed to reassure him, prompting Putin to take action and move his military over the border to steamroll his rival into submission. Yet, things didn’t pan out as Putin planned, even though many people thought the smaller nation would quickly fall. Now, despite all its efforts to prevent Ukraine from becoming part of the alliance, it looks like Russia has seemingly failed — again.

On Tuesday, November 29, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stood by the alliance’s 2008 stance, insisting both Georgia and Ukraine would join in the future. He reaffirmed the “door is open” to Ukraine to join, saying, “Russia does not have a veto,” according to NBC.

However, the move isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. Ukraine is still at war, Russia has annexed the Crimean Peninsula, and its troops have strongholds in other areas. All these factors create uncertainty regarding how the country’s borders will ultimately look.

Instead, NATO members believe the war needs to end first. Then, the alliance can help bring the country’s military training and equipment up to standard. Before that can happen, Ukraine will need to rebuild — and NATO will play a significant part in the process.

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