New AI POLL Released – Americans Reach Disturbing Conclusion!

( – In recent months there has been renewed chatter about the threat of Artificial Intelligence, more commonly known as AI. 

According to a new FOX News survey released on Monday, most Americans have a negative view of AI. While 38% of survey respondents said that AI technology is a good thing, 46% said the rise of AI is a negative development. 

And a good chunk of the American electorate is at least somewhat familiar with AI.Exactly 50% of respondents said that they were “familiar with AI technology like ChatGBT”. 

ChatGBT, more than any other AI-related software, has received enormous media attention. The software, though early in its development, has the ability to write a survey using minimal inputs or prompts. This new technology, which is getting more advanced by the day, is already taking the place of journalists. 

VentureBeat, an online tech finance outlet, has already begun to use ChatGPT to generate original content, effectively rendering human employees useless. In an interview with Bloomberg, VentureBeat editorial director Michael Nunez said that utilizing ChatGPT is “like having another person on the team”. The automated software, Nunez asserted, is faster and more efficient than humans. When asked about the optics of having computers generating the website’s content, Nunez replied “I don’t think our readers care, to be totally honest”. 

The latest survey, though, shows that AI has been top of mind for many Americans. And roughly 7 in 10 Americans think that AI should be regulated by the federal government. Most voters, however, expressed that they have little faith in the government’s ability to do so. 

Daron Shaw, who conducted the poll, added that Americans are “skeptical elected leaders are up to the task” of properly regulating AI. So, for now, we have no idea what is in store for the future of this new technology.

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