New Joe Biden Poll Shows He’s Getting Even Worse

New Joe Biden Poll Shows He's Getting Even Worse

( – Polls are a great way to gauge how the public perceives any given topic. When it comes to the president of the United States (POTUS), surveys often have several questions gauging performance in several key areas. These days, it seems to be nothing but bad news for President Joe Biden.

According to a recent Hill-HarrisX poll taken November 9 to 10, 46% of the 921 registered voters surveyed think Biden failed to live up to expectations. The divide is huge among party lines, with 72% of Republicans saying he accomplished less than expected while only 17% of Democrats agree with this sentiment.

Looking at the ever-increasing gas prices, inflation, supply chain issues and the draconian vaccine mandates handed down by the Biden Administration, the results are not surprising.

Not only does just under a majority think Biden hasn’t done enough, but his approval rating has been on a steady decline since his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. As of November 18, a Quinnipiac University poll has him at a 36% approval rating, a far cry from the majority approval rating he once held. It turns out that not accomplishing much has a tangible effect on how the public perceives performance — how interesting.

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