Ron DeSantis RISES – New Numbers Stun Media!

( – With the 2024 presidential election now less than two years away, only President Donald Trump has officially announced his candidacy. Trump’s former ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, however, has hinted at a big announcement coming later this month.

Haley, in a tweet posted on Wednesday, said she had a “big announcement on February 15th”. This, however, doesn’t come as much of a surprise as Haley has been hinting at a White House bid for quite some time now. When asked whether or not she would consider a presidential run by Fox News’s Brett Bair in an interview aired two weeks ago, Haley responded “yes, I think I can be that leader.” 

Haley, though, has not polled nearly as well as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. A recent New Hampshire poll has DeSantis leading the GOP pack with 42%. Former President Trump followed with 30% and Haley with just 8%. 

If these numbers are any kind of indication as to how the election will eventually shake out, it is clear that Haley needs to step up her efforts. 

With Trump starting to show some slipping in the polls, Haley could have a prime opportunity to creep in.

Initially, Haley stated in 2021 that she would support Trump if he were to run again. A lot, however, has changed in the past couple of years. With Trump’s support waning, Haley is looking to take advantage. 

As time passes, we will begin to see more presidential hopefuls throwing their hat in the ring. Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan recently expressed his interest in running for President. Hogan, who has been an open critic of President Trump, told Fox News in an interview that he was “taking a close look” at announcing a bid for the White House. 

Whether or not the GOP field will be as congested as it was in 2016 is yet to be seen.