New Report Prompts Georgia to Investigate How Harvesters Affected 2020 Election

New Report Prompts Georgia to Investigate How Harvesters Affected 2020 Election

( – The 2020 election results have been a source of controversy for more than a year. Lawmakers continue their efforts to get to the bottom of suspected fraud cases and determine whether the incidences would’ve been enough to overturn the outcome. One highly-contentious debate surrounded the state of Georgia, where Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has now launched an investigation following the revelation there might be video evidence of an illegal practice.

Video Evidence of Harvesting

During his rally in Conroe, Texas, former President Donald Trump revealed True the Vote, a conservative voter integrity group, reportedly holds evidence of “massive illegal ballot harvesting and other forms of ballot fraud.” The harvesters, referred to as “mules,” allegedly dumped thousands of ballots in boxes, despite the fact the practice is illegal in Georgia. They were also reportedly paid $10 per ballot. Trump says the group just needs to “release the tape.”

Georgia isn’t the only state True the Vote reportedly has evidence on, either. It compiled proof ballot trafficking occurred in five others.

Raffensperger Receives Evidence

To help its efforts to bring the illegal practice to light, True the Vote prepared a detailed report and sent it to Raffensperger’s office. In addition to saying it had video evidence, the group also claims members interviewed an unnamed Georgia man who admitted to the illegal practice. He’s known only as John Doe. True the Vote does not claim the votes are fraudulent, but how the ballots were handled and their chain of custody run afoul of Georgia’s laws.

Harvesting Is Unlawful

The main problem stems from the handling of these ballots. In Georgia, third parties may not collect other people’s ballots. Only voters and pollsters are allowed to handle them. Supposedly, that’s not what happened in the 2020 election. Raffensperger led the initiative to strengthen this law ahead of the election, but if True the Vote’s evidence proves true, it didn’t do much good.

Following the receipt of the report, Raffensperger launched an investigation into these claims. Part of the discovery process means reviewing surveillance cameras from drop boxes and potentially issuing subpoenas to suspected harvesters to get to the bottom of the issue, including those who received compensation. The secretary of state says they “need to find that out, find out who paid [them].”

Right now, Raffensperger doesn’t believe any fraud occurred. He insists, “those are still lawful ballots, they’ve just been handled fraudulently.” Time will tell how the investigation turns out and whether the Georgia secretary of state changes his tune when faced with the actual evidence.

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