New SHORTAGE May Hit America In Days!

Diesel Shortage May Hit America Very, Very Soon

Diesel Shortage May Hit America Very, Very Soon

( – Inflation has been a burden on many Americans, particularly at the fuel pumps, where gasoline and diesel costs have skyrocketed over the last several months. Now, a supplier is warning some areas may see diesel shortages in the coming days and weeks.

On October 25, Mansfield Energy issued a supply alert discussing possible constraints due to “poor pipeline shipping economies” coupled with the United States’ low diesel fuel inventories and other factors. The US typically keeps 50 million barrels in reserve on the East coast but only has half that amount currently. According to the energy company, most of the shortages exist in the Southeast, but there are warnings for the Northeast, as well, due to market volatility.

However, Mansfield stressed businesses shouldn’t panic-buy supplies because the practice could result in higher costs, but should use the warning to plan. The company stated the levels would balance out again thanks to a dynamic industry with suppliers able to fill the gaps. In the interim, prices will rise at the pump until demand decreases.

Most of the impacts will affect average Americans who fill up at the pump rather than companies that hold diesel in tank storage. Consumers may temporarily find fuel stations have little or no supply, and people should also expect to pay higher prices. However, Mansfield Energy cautioned outages wouldn’t become widespread.

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